Fortis Group Welcome the Return of Salford’s Memorable Totem Pole

6th September 2018

Fortis Group are pleased to announce our involvement in the revival of Salford’s famous totem pole.

The 32ft totem pole was carved in 1969 by Canadian Kwakwaka’wakw chief Doug Cranmer and was gifted to Salford as a symbol of trade between Canada and Salford.

The totem pole was an icon for Salford and stood outside of the City Council’s office for almost 30 years.

The site, which is now part of our £150million residential scheme Fortis Quay, will re-home the restored totem pole upon completion in 2020.

To celebrate the return, three members of the Kwakwaka’wakw tribe visited Salford to assess the pole and plan its restoration.

Fortis Group, along with Salford City Council and the Universities of Kent and East Anglia, planned a weeks’ worth of activities for the tribe members; Chief Bill Cranmer, Kevin Cranmer and Bruce Alfred.

Gareth Morgan, director at Fortis Group, said: “Fortis is very proud to be part of a project that celebrates Salford’s cultural past and symbolises its prosperous future.

“Hosting the tribe members was an excellent experience and it was great to introduce them to this vibrant city. We’ve invested heavily in the Salford property market in recent years because of the city’s dynamic character. It’s an honour to be able to place the totem pole at the heart of Fortis Quay for the public to enjoy for years to come.”

For more information on the history of the totem pole, please read:

Fortis Group Welcome the Return of Salford’s Memorable Totem Pole